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What do other musicians say about FoolaBeats?


"I've never been a fan of buying beats online, but when a friend of mine showed me I was amazed! His Beats pushed my music to a whole nother level and they really inspired me."

- Alo, Singer


"Such a high quality of audio as well as arrangement as well as vibe is unusual in the online-beats-industry as far as I can see. That makes my first adress to look out for THE BEAT!"

- Tapster, Rapper

What's behind the beats?


"Every beat I create tells a story, but without high performant audio equipment, which includes the DAW, sofware-samplers, plug-ins, etc. and also hardware gear, the stories wouldn't sound as good as they do. I only use the best equipment I can afford to offer you only the best beat-quality!"

- Foola, Music Producer, Owner of

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